This site has been constructed by motivation of pure interest of naval warfare, history and computer graphics. If you have any comments, question or other reasons to contact me please don't hesitate.


About me:
My name is Troels W. Hansen and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm born in 1971 and I have served for many years in The Royal Danish Navy. 5 years at the naval acadamy and another 5 years in active duty as navigational officer and excetutive officer onboard WILLEMOES-Class and FLYVEFISKEN-Class Fast Patrol Boats. I retired from the navy in 2001. Since then I have among many things been constructed different kind of visual productions - this project is solely made of non-commercial interrest.

I would like to use the oppertunity to give a special thanks to Jacob Christensen for his extradanory contribution to the modeling and his inspiration for creating the scenework - thanks Jacob!