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The buildings on the deck - was divided into three major constructions. These was almost only reserved for of operational use and propulsion purposes. Accomodation etc. was mainly placed below deck.

Forward superstructure

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After superstructure 

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Shafts and rudders

The ships was  equiped with 4 threebladed shafts. They had a diameter just above 11ft and operated at a maximum of 275 rpm.

The ship ran 24.1 knots 56,600 hp. At an overload of 75,500 hp it managed to go 24.65 knots - just above half a knot for 20,000 hp....thats quite modest!

2 rudders was placed to give the manauvebility required for naval operations. The placement between the shafts instead of behind them gave them very poor maneauvability at low speed but very good at high.