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The QE battleships was men-of-war...and a very potent kind. At the Battle of Jutland their armament was second to none.


Main armament, 15in BL MkI

The main armament was the revolutionary 15" guns which was almost untested at the Battle of Jutland. They proved to be very effecient and the ships gunnery skills was explicitly mentioned in Vizeadmiral Hippers report after the battle. They where developed in secret ad a 14" test gun and was pushed into production by among other Winston Churchill.

These mighty weapons was the most powerfull weapon of the time and furthermore those with the highest range.

Number                    8, all in centerline
Calibre                     15 inches
Lenght of bore         42 calibres (630 inches)
Weight of gun          100 tons
Weight of shell         1920 lbs (872 kg)
Revolving weight      750 tons
Maximum range        23,734 yards 
Rate of fire               2 rounds/minute/gun     

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Secundary armament, 6in BL Mk XII wire-round

The secundary armament was placed in casamats along the side of the hull. These guns was mostly direccted in a forward direction.  It was initial the idea that there should be placed four guns at the aft part of the ship. These guns would have been place very close to the waterline but experience from earlier ship designs proved that the effect of guns in this hight was almost ineffective. As a result this plan was abandoned. Instead two guns was placed on the boat deck. However, after the Battle of Jutland they where removed - properly because of the exposed position of the guncrew.

The images to the right is of the boatdeck arangements.

Number                    14
Calibre                     6 inches
Lenght of bore         45 calibres (270 inches)
Weight of gun          6 tons
Weight of shell         100 lbs (45 kg)
Maximum range        13,500 yards 
Rate of fire               7 rounds/minute/gun     

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Anti-aircraft armament, 3in BL Mk 1 QF

During the Great War (That war that later was known as WWI) the need for anti-aircraft armament was very low. Therefor only two 3" guns was placed onboard.

Number                    2
Calibre                     3 inches
Lenght of bore         45 calibres (135 inches)
Weight of gun          1 tons
Weight of shell         12 lbs 8oz
Maximum range        11,200 yards 
Rate of fire               29 rounds/minute/gun     


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4 torpedo tubes where located anboard - two on each side and two aft and forward. These tubes was arranged at a fixed angle unlike the destroyers and torpedoboats which was equiped with above water swirvel arrangements. 20 torpedos where carried onboard. 

Number                    4
Calibre                     21 inches (53cm)
Lenght of bore         45 calibres (270 inches)
Weight of gun          6 tons
Weight of charge     280 lbs
Maximum range       18,500 yards at 19 knots

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