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Miscelanious equipment

The ship was fittet with a number of smaller boats and barges. These was used for various purposes.

Warspite's ensginia 

Belli Dura Despicio

"I Despise the Hard Knocks of War"



Warspite was fitted with 8 40in searchlights. Whats interesting is that after the Battle of Jutland the number was increased to almost the double. This was due to the bad performance by the british navy during the night action.

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Magnetic compass

This compass was placed on the command bridge and another one on open bridge. Note the big balls on the sides of the compass. This was magnets which together with a number of other magnets inside the construction, was used to compensate for the magnetic effect from the high amount of steel in the ships construction. The QE ships was some of the first ships that also was equipmed with a gyro-compass.

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Colours of the Fleet

A number of flags where  used by the navy. To mention the most important in this context is are foremost the white ensign wich was and still is used by the RN.
The Admirals flag (depicted here is the Rear Admiral). This flag was used onboard the HMS Barham when RA Evan Thomas was onboard. The White Masthead pennant was worn in all HM shos unleass displaced by a senior officers flag.
When alongside or when 'dressed overall' the Union Flag was used.

White Ensign

Rear Admiral

White Masthead Pennant

Union Flag