A sad sight of one of Britains best ships

I recieved this amazing photo together with the moving story from Mr. Clayton Spears which I hereby share with you all. Click here to download the picture in high resolution.


Enclosed is what our family has always known as H.M.S. Warspite at a spot nearto The Lizards, Cornwall. The photogragh was taken in the Summer of 1947 possibly early August and has come to light by myself whilst sifting through some old family albums

As I am the last survivor of the family to have been present at scene at the time as 10 year old boy (in the small boat on a tour around the ship) it would be a shame to see it thrown out at my passing when it may be of some use to an historian. The photogragh was taken by Mr. Leonard Dye, now long gone.

It was taken during the summer of 1947 as it was on the first post-war family holiday taken in Cornwall. As you may imagine there was very little tourist industry at the time, very little motor traffic and few attractions for visitors. One source of income for the local fishermen was taking the few visitors out in their boats to view the many wrecks around the coast and Warspite was one such venue. I was at this time one of the lucky ones on the small boat seen near the ship. As my age was 10 years old memory does not recall much of that time but the overwhelming memory was of the size of the vessel.

No negative exists and as far as I'm aware this is the only print. Please be free to use it with my blessing.

Best Wishes,
Clayton Spear.